Trustee appointments 2024

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I am really pleased that you’ve expressed an interest in joining us at the Centre for Homelessness Impact. We have built a well-regarded centre of excellence in what works in tackling homelessness, and we are becoming an increasingly important contributor to progressive conversations with national governments, local authorities, and others.


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This is your chance to join the board of an evolving, socially-committed organisation with a demonstrable track record of progress, a sound operating model, and – most important - a strong commitment to improving all the time. We want to ensure that we’re both making the most of the opportunities ahead, and preparing for the challenges that will inevitably arise in the coming years. You’ll play a vital role in managing the risks and gains of growth, and will contribute to the spreading of evidence-based thinking within homelessness policy and practice.

Thousands of individuals and families need our help, more now than ever before. If you’ve long wanted to do something about homelessness, but didn’t know how best to make an impact, CHI is the place where you can put your specialist professional repertoire to work – not only solving the problems of today, but making steady progress towards eliminating homelessness for good. I look forward to meeting you.

Andrew Hudson
Andrew Hudson